Bank Americard Travel Rewards Is The Best Credit Card For Travelling

Bank Americard Travel Rewards Is The Best Credit Card For Travelling

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Bank Americard Travel Rewards is one of the most beneficial travel cards available on the market. The card offers good bonuses for the clients not only when paying in US but also outside the country.

This Travel card is one of those that allows the clients to pay abroad at zero cost. That makes it specifically advantageous for the clients. That is why more and more customers choose Americard Travel Rewards, especially when they plan a long travelling or living abroad for a certain considerable period of time.

The Main Characteristics Of Bank Americard

Bank of America is one of the most reputable institutions in US. It pioneered on the financial market with many innovative financial products. Bank Americard Travel Rewards card is one of the most beneficial plastics for the travellers. Here are its main advantages:

  • It is offered at zero cost. There is no annual cost for this card. The client has no monthly charges and that is truly valuable.
  • When the person pays abroad, there is no transaction fee. That is the big advantages for the travellers. When people pay outside US, they are charged up to 3 percent. That makes each purchase more expensive. Not all plastics annulate international transaction fee.
  • Unlimited points collection. Usually bank cards limit the customer on the number of points he gets when he makes purchases. Americard gives a person 1.5 point return on each single dollar of purchase. The points can be used for various types of purchases later. They do not expire. The banks rarely propose such a generous offer.
  • Low Annual Percentage Rate. The financial establishment charges the person 0% APR for the first 12 billing months. Afterwards, the clients are charged between 16 to 24 % APR.

These benefits make the plastic by Bank of America very advantageous to open. If the client uses this plastic he will truly get the best return on each single spending, without additional fees.

Advanced Security Protection By Americard Travel Rewards

Bank of America knows exactly how to take care of its clients. So, the bankers check the clients’ accounts regularly. If there are any abnormal transactions detected, the bank will block such transactions. This advanced security measure helps Bank of America to secure its clients.

Americard Travel Rewards is equipped with Chip technology. Chip mechanism enables the bank to control all the clients’ transactions, and makes it harder for the thieves to steal clients sensitive financial data.

Bank of America truly values its clients, and takes efforts to make its services and products convenient and beneficial. Americard Travel Rewards is one of its best financial products. Choose the card to pay during your next trip.